Instructional Manual for the Eddie Bauer Infant Car Seat

Dorel Juvenile Group manufactures a variety of baby equipment under several different brand names. One such brand is Eddie Bauer, which offers the SureFit infant car seat as part of its stroller travel systems. The car seat comes with a LATCH connectors for easy installation, and the separate car seat base allows caregivers to move a baby from a vehicle to a stroller without having to remove him from the car seat. The SureFit seat is for use only as a rear-facing car seat, for infants weighing five to 22 pounds.

Place the car seat base in a rear seat of your vehicle, with the taller side facing the back of the vehicle's seat.

Lift the belt lock on the seat base and pull it free from the locking plates.

Push down on the locking plates to release them, then lift both plates, leaving them in an open position.

Open the LATCH storage door and unhook and remove the LATCH straps. Close the storage door.

Thread the LATCH strap through the opening on the left side of the car seat base, then thread the other side of the strap through the opening on the right side of the base.

Fasten each LATCH hook to a LATCH anchor in your vehicle's seat, making sure the belt does not twist.

Push firmly on the car seat base while pulling the loop to tighten the attachment.

Close and lock both belt lock plates.

Tuck the loose end of the belt between the vehicle seat and the car seat base.

Place the infant car seat in a rear-facing position on top of the car seat base, and push down until you hear a click, indicating it has locked into place. Pull up on the car seat to make sure the lock is engaged.


Car seat manuals can be downloaded from the Eddie Bauer website. See resources for more information.


Always test that the base is securely fastened before using it by pushing and pulling on it. If it moves more than one inch in any direction, it needs to be reinstalled.

Check the expiration date printed on the side of your car seat before using it.