How to Increase the Speed on a Razor Dune Buggy

For those with children 6 to 12, an electric scooter is a great intermediate vehicle for children who have outgrown Power Wheels and are not quite ready for a gas powered cart. Featuring bucket seats and diamond plated floorboards, the Razor Dune Buggy offers a vintage-cool ride that tops out at nine miles per hour. If you are looking to add a little oomph, the best way is to remove the stock motor and replace it with one with a higher capacity.

Installing the new motor

Flip the Razor Dune Buggy over so the bottom is facing up. To prevent scratching the seat or roll cage you should ideally do this indoors on carpet.

Use the hex wrench to unscrew the bottom battery cover. This will allow you to remove the batteries and access the engine.

Locate the wires connecting the batteries to the engine and pull them out. Be careful not to tear the fuse lines that are attached.

Flip the cart right side up and use the hex wrench to remove the upper battery cover.

Locate the two chains that connect the motor to the drive shaft. The chains are relatively loose. Apply firm pressure in one direction to remove both the motor chain and the axle sprocket chain.

Unscrew the four bolts holding the motor to the chassis and lift the motor out. You might want to keep the old one in case your new motor burns out.

Slide the 500 watt 36 volt motor into the space vacated and reapply the mounting screws. The original stock motor you are replacing is rated at 350 watt and 24 volts.

Slip the motor chain back on the axle gear first. If you reinstall the sprocket chain first you will be prevented from installing the motor chain.

Reattach the upper battery cover and reinsert the screws with the wrench.

Flip the buggy over and reconnect the batteries. Make sure that they are securely placed in the battery hold. Insecure placement can lead to rattling and frequent ride interruptions during operation.

Reinstall the bottom battery cover.


Do not attempt maintenance during operation. Make sure the switch is set to "Off" before removing or installing the engine.

Increasing the motor voltage will negatively impact battery life.

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