Ideas for Kids to Dress Up Like Old People

Whether your child has a part in an upcoming play or it's Halloween, dressing as an old person requires some simple techniques to make the transformation. Second-hand and costume stores are ideal places to put together your child's look, but don't underestimate the value of what you already have either. Test out the entire costume before the big day so you can ensure that it looks exactly how your child wants.


For an old lady costume, a floral dress with some white tights and tennis shoes works well 1. A knitted or crocheted shawl thrown around your daughter’s shoulders rounds out the costume. For an old man costume, a pair of corduroys, a plaid flannel shirt and a newsboy hat is an ensemble to rival any elderly man 1. A pair of sturdy dress shoes completes the outfit. A tie is also a good addition to an old man costume 1.


A head of white hair makes your child's costume more authentic and helps prevent everyone from asking what she's dressed as. Shop around at second-hand stores or garage sales for a white wig, but clean it well before allowing your child to wear it. If you can't find a wig, shake baby powder into your child's hair to turn it white. Spray it with a bit of hair spray to hold it in place. Some beauty supply stores sell colored, temporary hair dye. Look for it in silver or white and style your child's hair into an old person look.

Face Paint

You might not want to paint a small child's face, but an older child will likely leave it alone and it makes an old person costume complete. Use an eyeliner pencil and draw in wrinkles around your child's eyes, nose and mouth. Another technique involves using basic white glue. Stretch your child's skin and paint on a thin layer of the glue. Allow it dry for a few minutes, then let go. Use a blow dryer on the low heat setting to speed the process. As her skin goes back to normal, it will give her the appearance of wrinkled skin. Don't try to do your child's whole face at once. Work in sections for the best results.


If your child is willing to go all out, a few well-placed accessories completes her costume and gives it some flair. Add a huge, old purse to an old lady's costume and tie a scarf around your daughter's head, leaving some of her white hair peeking out. Add a sweater vest to an old man's costume 1. If you have time before the big day, use PVC pipe to make a simple cane or walker that your child can carry.

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