How to Change & Customize WWE Figures

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) action figures have been made for years, From Hasbro to Jakks Pacific and Mattel, the large collection of WWE figures features hundreds of wrestling superstars. Whether you want to create a favorite figure from the WWE or create your own customized WWE wrestler, plenty of tools and easy fixes can be used to create a wrestling figure that's all your own 1.

Design the figure you want to create. If it's an old WWE wrestler, look up pictures of him on the WWE website (see Resources) or a WWE encyclopedia. Write down key costume features and props that would come with the figure.

Check the Wrestling Figs website (see Resources) database to make sure the figure does not already exist. If the figure has been made, you can purchase that version and customize it to suit your own needs.

Use real wrestlers to design your own figure 1. Decide what theme your wrestler will have, what he will wear and what accessories he needs.

Gather old wrestling figures to start the customization. Broken and battered figures work best because their parts are easily removable and you can make them look new.

Use a blow dryer to loosen parts. At the highest setting, blow around the joints of the figure for 10 to 20 seconds. Slowly remove the arms, leg or head if needed.

Choose the torso for your figure. Generally WWE figures come with three types of torsos: a skinny cruiserweight body, muscular heavyweight body and obese super heavyweight body. Match the head, arms and legs to this body.

Repaint the WWE figure with acrylic paint. Use fine-tipped paintbrushes for the best details on the figure. If you are painting over an already painted spot, use two coats to ensure the color is covered.

Tighten limbs with a small amount of superglue. Dab a little superglue into the limb. Move the limb clockwise until the glue dries. Now the limbs will be tighter and stronger.

Use a mini-drill sculpting tool such as a Dremel MiniMite to define your wrestler's face shape. Trim out the chin or soften the cheeks. Do notover use this tool or the wrestler could end up looking mutated.

Cut out fabric to create costumes and accessories for your wrestlers. Most WWE figures come with plastic elbow pads and knee pads, so you can take these from other figures to make yours look more authentic. Use the fabric for capes, face masks or other features.

Search auction websites, yard sales and flea markets for other WWE accessories. An accessory lot will feature figure wardrobe and weapons such as steel chairs or WWE titles to make your figure complete.


Check out the forums at the Wrestling Figs website (see Resources) to see other customized figures and read tips and tricks on creating the best customized wrestlers.

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