How to Put an Eddie Bauer Car Seat Back Together

Dorel Juvenile Group manufactures several types of car seats under the Eddie Bauer brand 1. One of these car seats is the 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, which can be converted from a rear-facing infant seat to a forward-facing toddler seat to a belt-positioning booster 1. In order to use it in the latter manner, the seat requires some disassembly. If you wish to convert the seat back to the settings required for a fully harnessed seat, it will have to be put back together again.

Replace Harness

Thread the strap of the crotch buckle down through the slot of the seat, ensuring that the buckle is facing out.

Turn the seat over and pull the metal clip attached to the crotch strap through the slot and out through the back of the car seat. Pull up on the buckle from the front side to make sure the metal clip is fully through the slot.

Thread the harness down through the slot located on the left side of the car seat, cross it over the bottom of the seat then up through the slot on the right side.

Thread the latch plate onto the left side of the harness from back to front, then thread the harness retainer. Repeat for the right side of the harness.

Thread the upper part of the harness through the upper slots to the back of the car seat.

Turn the seat around and pull the straps through from the front of the seat. Pull the harness over the metal bar, then between the metal bar and plastic handle of the adjusting mechanism.

Place the loops of the harness ends onto the splitter plate.

Reinstall Base

Remove the bar from the car-seat base.

Place the seat onto the base.

Push the bar through the hole, rounded end first, starting from the right side of the base. You will feel it lock into place, indicating that the base is attached.


Refer to your car seat's instruction manual for specifications and manufacturer recommendations. A misplaced manual can be replaced with a download from the manufacturer (see Resources below).

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