Graco Swing Instructions

One of Graco's lines of swings is called the Lovin' Hug 1. Within this line are numerous styles and color variations to suit each person's individual tastes and decor. Infants enjoy these swings because they are designed to mimic the curve of their mother's arms. This helps the baby remain calm and feel more secure. In addition to the swing, a music mobile is included to keep babies entertained for hours.

Insert the seat wire into the holes located on the inside of the brackets.

Attach the two hooks to the seat wire on the back of the seat.

Fasten the two snaps on the seat pad around the seat wire.

Snap the two straps on the lower edge of the seat pad around the seat wire.

Insert the arms into the brackets. The brackets are located on each side of the swing.

Snap the rear tube into the curved parts of the swing arms. The ends of the tube will snap into the designated holes on the arms.

Squeeze the recline handle located on the seat and lower the seat back.

Attach the tray. On the left side of the swing, there is a connector for the tray. Push in the tab on the connector and pull the peg up. Insert the peg into the hole of the tray and close it. You'll know when the peg is firmly secured when the tab clicks into place. To remove the tray, lift it up, push the tab in and pull the peg up.

Insert the rear leg with the electrical cord into the hole in the battery housing. The button will snap into place when it is secure.

Insert the other rear leg into the other housing unit. This is the leg without the electrical cord. Again, the button will snap into place when it is secure.

Insert one of the front legs into the housing unit on the left. The double buttons in the leg will snap into place inside the housing unit. Swing the leg outward until the single button snaps into place. Repeat the same process for the right side. Make sure the legs are secure by twisting them. If they don't twist out, then the legs are secure.

Assemble the front tube by placing the two feet on both ends. The text "Front" should be facing the floor. Secure the feet in place with screws. You'll need to use a flat-head screwdriver to secure the screws.

Insert the front legs into the front base tube. Make sure the legs are attached securely to the base.

Insert the rear legs into the rear base tube. Make sure the legs are attached securely to the base.

Attach the hangar tubes into the brackets on each of the housing units and snap into place. Firmly pull on them to make sure they are secure.

Open the battery compartment lid and insert three D batteries if you want your swing to be battery-operated. The compartment lid can be opened by inserting your screwdriver into the slot and prying it open. Snap the lid shut when finished. Otherwise, you can use the adapter to plug the swing into an electrical outlet.

Secure your baby in the swing using the adjustable seat belt. Never allow your baby to be in the swing without being buckled in. Pull the belt with the push-button housing up through your baby's legs and then snap the left and right harnesses into the sides of this housing. The harness can then be adjusted further by sliding the adjuster components along the belt. To release your baby from the swing, push the button.