Graco Stroller Car Seat System Instructions

Graco makes a stroller and car seat combination that enables you to use the base of the car seat as the frame for your baby’s stroller. It is both convenient and durable. Graco makes sturdy baby necessities and having your car seat and stroller sharing a base saves money and time. If you have a car and want to travel with your baby, it is mandatory in all states to have a car seat for your child; the Graco stroller car seat system makes it easier to comply.

Stroller Use

Lower the back of the stroller so it is reclined as far as it can go. Controls to adjust the seat are located on the back or sides of the seat.

Set the base that comes with the system into your stroller on the seat. The attachment latches are located at the end of the stroller near the front wheels.

Secure the base onto the stroller using the latches and shake it gently from side-to-side and front-to-back to ensure it is attached firmly. Pull the latches tighter if the base moves too much.

Set the car seat directly on top of the base and press it down until you hear it click. The seat will be firmly connected when all of the clips click into place.

Car Seat Use

Set the base into the back seat of your car and pass the seat belt through the base along the latch openings. The end of the base with the adjustable foot should be over the edge of the seat.

Click the tongue of the seat belt into the buckle. Make sure that all of the extra length of the belt is pulled back into the seat-belt well in the car.

Lower the foot support on the back end until the foot rests flat on the floor of the car. Turn the knob on the support to lower it into the correct position.

Place the car seat on top of the base with your baby facing toward the back of the car. Push the seat down until it clicks into place.


Get an extra base so you can keep one in the car and one in the stroller to make switching between the two much quicker.


Do not put your baby into the seat in the stroller or car until you are absolutely certain all of the components are secure or your baby could be severely injured.