How to Give a Barbie Doll a Haircut

Cutting a Barbie doll’s hair is one way to add your own stylistic touch to your Barbie doll. If Barbie hair is cut wrong however, this can lead to a disheveled looking Barbie or even pricey hair repair. Cutting your Barbie’s hair shouldn’t be intimidating though, and with the right tools and know-how you can make your Barbie have her own hairstyle.

Boil 2 cups of water on medium heat for five minutes. Remove from the heat and place your Barbie with her head hanging over your sink. Slowly pour the hot water through your Barbie’s hair to thoroughly wet it and comb her hair downwards with a wire wig comb to pull it straight.

Pour 2 cups of ice water through your Barbie’s hair as you did with the boiling water and continue slowly combing it downward. This will help set hair so that it is straight and ideal for cutting, as wavy or curled hair can lead to cutting mishaps. Wait for hair to be completely dry before continuing.

Separate your Barbie’s hair with small ties into three sections, one on each side and one on the back. Untie one section at a time and grasp the hair between your fingers about ¼ an inch from the actual length you want it to be.

Cut the hair off at the area you’ve marked with your fingers cutting straight across. Repeat with the other two sections then comb out your Barbie’s hair 1. It’s best to cut it a little longer than you think you want it, as you will lose length when you style it. Trim areas where you see any unevenness until hair looks one even length.

Repeat steps one and two and style your Barbie’s wet hair as you like. Leave it straight or use bobby pins and pin it flipped up or in curls to let it air dry and set. Style it anyway you like. Wait until hair is dry then remove pins or continue on with steps. Use your shears to trim off any small pieces of length you like once hair is styled and dried.


This is a basic guideline for cutting hair. If you are feeling confident or want a more advance style such as layers or bangs do so with caution and always cut slightly longer than you want the length to account for the bounce or style synthetic hair naturally has.