GeoTrax Layout Ideas

Fisher-Price's GeoTrax is designed to be an easy to build model toy train set with various plastic modules which click together to form a variety of layouts. GeoTrax has over a dozen track layouts, which you can form by following the pictures at its website. The layouts you can create depend on which pieces you own from the range of track kits, buildings and other special connections and construction elements. The GeoTrax layouts range from a simple loop to complicated figure eights and clover leafs with elevated flyovers.


In this basic layout, the trains will go around and around in one single loop. This layout requires nine straight and four curved pieces.

Loop with Cross Overs

In this layout, the trains can go around an outer loop or go from top to bottom along a pair of inner tracks, one curving down from left to right and the other from right to left. This layout requires nine straight pieces, four curved, two left switches, two right switches and one cross. Adding two end ramps will give you places to park your other trains when not being used.

Asymmetrical Figure Eight

This layout forms a figure eight, with one loop larger than the other. A tower placed over the loop adds to the interest. This layout requires four straight pieces, five curved, one T track and the optional Siren Sounds Rescue Tower.

Figure Eight with Flyover

This longer and larger track design creates a larger and narrower figure eight with an elevated crossover in the center created by two supporting pieces called stanchions. Other supporting pieces include two guardrails at each corner of the elevation so the train does not go flying off the track as it slides down the elevated track. This layout requires seven straight track pieces, five curved pieces, two elevation ramps, two stanchions and two guardrails.

Modified Clover Leaf with Elevated Flyover

This is similar to the previous layout, except there are two track loops above the central elevated flyover, and one large loop below, making it look similar to a clover leaf pattern missing one leaf. You will need six straight pieces, 11 curved pieces, one cross, one T track, one left switch, four half pieces, two elevation ramps and four stanchions.