How to Fix Tangled & Matted Doll Hair

Children love to bring their dolls everywhere they go. Whether they are taking a bath, going to the park or going for a swim, a loved doll is often well-traveled. With time, a doll's hair can become tangled and matted. Dolls still have a lot of life even when their hair is a mess, so take the time to restyle messy doll hair. Your child will be grateful.

Dampen the doll's hair with water using a spray bottle. Make sure the spray bottle is on a fine mist setting. You do not want to soak the doll's hair.

Condition the doll's hair with a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner 1. You can use more if needed. Only condition the doll's hair that is tangled or matted.

Use a wide-tooth comb to start to untangle the mess. Begin combing at the bottom of the mat or tangle and move upward as the hair becomes untangled.

Use a fine-tooth comb on the doll's hair to get out the smaller tangles. Brush through the doll's entire head of hair with the fine-tooth comb to ensure you did not miss any tangles.