Eddie Bauer Car Seat Strap Rethreading Instructions

Your child’s car seat may need to be taken apart to search for that much loved toy or even a good wash. Problems arise, however, when you put the seat back together; making sure the seat straps are re-threaded properly is important to the safety of the seat. You may also even need to rethread the straps of your Eddie Bauer car seat when your child is growing.

Replace all cushions into the car seat.

Rethread the inside straps first. Start to thread from the back of the unit. The straps need to be inserted into the side slots in the seat.

Pull an equal amount of strap through each slot; make sure there are no twists or kinks in the strap.

Thread the shoulder pads (and buckles) through each side of the shoulder strap.

Thread the shoulder strap through the top slots in the back of the seat.

Take the strap down behind the seat's back until it threads into its corresponding bracket at the seat base.

Thread the buckle strap down the slot on the front edge of the seat and connect it to the bottom of the same bracket that is holding the shoulder straps.


Infants should always travel rear facing in the front of a car. The safest place is in the rear of the car.

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