Directions to Transform a Bumblebee Transformer

Autobot Bumblebee plays a very important role for his team 12. He is a warrior, spy and a friend to the human race. His alternate form at the beginning was a Volkswagon Bug. The transformation was very simple and required little skill to bring him to robot form. When introduced to the live action movie in 2007 his transformation became complicated turning him from the Camaro to his robot form. The third Bumblebee is the animated version which is a more child-friendly cartoon broadcasted on Cartoon Network.

Transformers the Movie Bumblebee

Transforming Bumblebee to robot mode starts with opening the driver and passenger doors. Once you open the doors the roof will separate exposing the interior of the vehicle. This will also help free up his other components to assist in his transformation. The middle will allow the top and bottom to pivot so you can pull the legs down. The feet will unfold from the rear of the car. At this point pull the arms out from under the hood and bend the hood down to expose the head. You can adjust the doors to protrude out like wings. Follow these instructions in reverse to transform him back to his Camaro form.

Transformers Animated Bumblebee

Flip out the top rear panels. They have rocket launchers attached. Once the panels are lifted up you are ready to transform the torso. Flip the front of the vehicle, separating it from the bottom of the vehicle. This piece will flip all the way toward the back of the vehicle. The very end will turn over to form the feet. The front wheels will pull out to form the arms. Bumblebee is ready to stand up while you make adjustments to the back by pulling them closer in to the head and bending them behind the body out of sight. Bumblebee is now ready for action. Follow these steps in reverse to transform to alternate mode

Transformers Generation One Bumblebee

Start by sliding the back of the car away from the front. Twist the arms out from the side of the cars. The head will flip out from the back of the car. Bumblebee will be ready to stand up.