A Dad's Guide to Doing His Daughter's Hair

Whether you're a single dad, the stay-at-home parent or simply left with your little girl, a comb and a "Good luck!" from your partner, dads can seriously struggle when it comes to doing hair. With a plethora of products, accessories and styles available, it's easy to get caught up in complicated styles that leave your daughter looking more chaotic than cute. By keeping it simple and focusing on low maintenance, you can do your daughter's hair with minimal tears -- from both of you.

Simple Styles

Your daughter's hairstyle can make the difference between a hectic morning and smooth sailing. By asking a hairstylist to cut your daughter's hair into a style that takes into account her natural texture and shape, you won't need to bring out an arsenal of styling products and tools to tame your daughter's tresses. Styles like a stacked bob or long layers can help keep your daughter's hair looking neat with minimal upkeep.

Easy Techniques

Despite the styles you might see on the playground, a girl's hairstyle doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, the simplest techniques will likely yield the best results, especially for an inexperienced dad. The book "The Dads & Daughters Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship" suggests learning a few basic techniques, such as a ponytail or a braid, to try on your daughter 1. They may be basic, but you can learn to execute them properly so your daughter is always well-coiffed.

Proper Products

Some hair products will make your life easier when it comes to styling your daughter's hair. Using a good-quality, tear-free shampoo and conditioner can keep her hair squeaky clean, while a detangler can help while combing out wet hair after a bath or shower. You can also add gel and mousse to your arsenal to help tame stubborn hair into submission. Just skip on products like relaxers, dyes and lye -- The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia warns that they can cause skin reactions for kids 2.


While you may not be experienced enough to create complicated updos, you can easily slide in a barrette to keep bangs out of the way or add a flower clip to pretty up a ponytail. Bring your daughter with you to the accessory store or drugstore to pick out some accessories that she loves -- this can help reduce hairstyle woes when you're trying to do her hair. You should also have a supply of metal-free elastics, bobby pins and clear elastics to round out your simple hairstyle arsenal.