How to Condition a Doll's Hair

Doll collectors of all ages want to keep their dolls in mint condition. Doll hair presents a challenge, whether you display a doll or play with it. Over time, doll hair often becomes dry and lackluster. Learn how to make dry doll hair soft and shiny.

Gather your conditioning supplies. Select a basic moisturizing conditioner or buy a doll hair conditioner from a doll specialty shop. If you use a conditioner designed for people, pick one for dry, damaged hair for maximum conditioning. Choose metal combs and brushes made for doll hair or wigs.

Gently detangle the doll's clean, dry hair with a metal doll comb to remove snarls, starting at the ends and working your way up to the head. After removing the large tangles, run a metal doll brush through the doll's hair to complete the detangling process.

Remove the doll's clothing and wrap a hand towel or plastic doll cape around the doll's body. The towel or cape will protect the doll's body from the water and conditioner. Plastic wrap can also work in place of a towel or cape.

Wet the doll's hair under the faucet with lukewarm water, holding the doll face up to prevent water from water from running into the doll's eyes. Water might rust most blinking or fixed eye types. It can also lighten painted eyes.

Divide the doll's hair into 4 sections and apply conditioner to each section. Comb the conditioner through each section to distribute it evenly. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for 20 minutes.

Rinse the conditioner out of the doll's hair with lukewarm water. Loosely wrap a towel around the doll's hair, leaving the hair hanging down. Do not pile the doll's hair on top of her head. Gently press out excess water with the palms of your hands.

Stand the doll up and let the doll's hair dry overnight. A doll stand will make it easier to keep the doll upright. Air dry the doll's hair loose for straight hair styles 2. You can also dry the doll's hair in a braid or rollers for waves or curls 2.

Comb the dry doll hair smooth. Pour a drop of baby oil in your palms and rub your hands together. Smooth the baby oil into the doll's hair. Brush the doll's hair to distribute the baby oil thoroughly. Style the doll's hair as desired. The doll's hair should be soft and shiny.

Wet the doll's hair with water in a spray bottle whenever it gets frizzy and comb it. The doll hair will dry smooth. If the hair still appears frizzy or dull, add a little spray leave-in conditioner.


Apply spray leave-in conditioner to the doll's hair periodically to keep the hair moisturized.

Add a dab of conditioner to the doll's dry hair and then braid it for a quick conditioning treatment. Keep the doll's hair braided whenever possible during play time to minimize tangles.

Smooth on a small amount of gel to add extra shine.

Substitute plant oil, such a jojoba or coconut for baby oil, if you prefer natural products.


Do not use heat--such as a blow dryer or flat iron--on doll hair after a conditioning treatment. Since most dolls have hair made of a type of plastic, heat can melt or damage the hair.

Only use metal brushes and combs on a doll's hair during conditioning treatments and for general upkeep. Plastic brushes and combs can shred doll hair.