Chicco Car Seat Instructions

Chicco makes car seats that will safely hold an infant up to 30 pounds while traveling in a vehicle 3. The car seat comes complete with a base. The base is securely installed in the vehicle, and the car seat slides into the base. Care should be taken when adjusting the belts on the car seat for your infant. Make sure the harness is at the correct height and has enough room to buckle around the child and secure her in the seat.

Detach the Chicco car seat from the car seat base 3. Lift up the release handle on the rear of the seat to detach it from the base.

Place the base toward the rear of the seat. When the car seat is reattached, the baby will be facing toward the rear of the vehicle.

Set the recline angle. The Chicco car seat has a level that should align with the ground 3. The bubble inside the level should be in between the two arrows. If it isn't, lift the base up and push in the two large red recline buttons on both sides of the front of the base and readjust the recline angle until it is level. Make sure the vehicle is on even ground when adjusting the recline angle.

Insert the lap belt into the opening on one side of the front of the base. Pull the belt through the base and out of the opening on the other side of the base. Buckle the seat belt.

Tighten the lap belt by pressing down on the base with your palm and ensuring that the belt is tight.

Tuck the shoulder portion of the belt behind one of the shoulder belt lockoffs. The lockoffs are located in the same opening used to pull the lap belt through. Use the lockoff opposite the seat belt buckle that the lap belt is using. Make sure to keep tension on the belt.

Check the installation. Make sure that all belts are tight and will not interfere with the attachment of the car seat to the base. Also double-check that the bubble in the level is between the two arrows and the base is stable.

Slide the front connection on the bottom of the car seat into the front securing connection on the base. Press the car seat down onto the base and click it firmly into place.