How to Assemble an Exersaucer

The instruction manual for many Exersaucers consists of nothing more than some simple sketches that may leave you scratching your head. Parents have spent countless hours over the last few decades trying to figure out how to get their child's new toy put together and ended in nothing but frustration. This Exersaucer struggle has become a rite of passage into parenthood but it doesn't have to be so difficult.

Stick your finger through the pedestal to guide the spring hooks located on the base into the proper position. Now align the tabs you see on the pedestal so that they are in line with the slots located on the base of the Exersaucer. Repeat this for all pedestal pieces (some models have three, others may have four). Now your pedestal is attached to the base.

Attach the lower leg pieces to the pedestal next. You should take the lower leg piece and push it into place. It will snap when it is in correctly. Next, tilt the lower leg piece to make the tabs lock. Repeat for all legs.

Snap the wheels into the seat ring. This is what allows the seat to move. Turn the ring upside down and it will be easy to snap all the wheels into position.

Flip the seat ring over and find the triangle on the back. Next locate the triangle on the seat pad. Line up the two triangles and then snap the seat into place by clicking the pegs on the ring into the tabs on the pad. You will need to do this for each tab and peg on the ring.

Take the seat ring with pad attached and push it into the top of the tray unit. It will snap into place. If the seat does not spin easily, it is not installed correctly.

Put the spring caps into their places on the tray. You must spin them clockwise in order to lock them in.

Snap the upper leg pieces into the upper leg crown pieces. Again, they will make a snapping noise when they are in place.

Flip the tray upside down in order to attach the upper leg pieces to the tray piece on your Exersaucer. Place the upper leg pieces into the spring cap on the tray. Twist. Be sure to look for the height adjustment holes -- those must be facing out towards you, not in towards baby's legs.

Turn the tray back right side up. Place it on top of the lower leg pieces and get all the legs aligned. Pull finger tabs out so that you can push each upper leg into the lower piece. As with the rest, when it is in the proper place, you will hear the snap or click.

Pop the toys into place. Most Exersaucers now come with mix and match toys so each one should simply pop into a slot on the tray top.


Use your manual as a reference as you go through the steps to help get a visual of the steps.

Don't skip around with the steps. That is a sure fire way to end up frustrated and will a big mess on your hands!

Leg assemblies may be slightly different on different models. Always refer back to the pictures in your instruction manual.