How to Test for Glaucoma at Home

More than 2.3 million Americans over 40 have been diagnosed with glaucoma, and an estimated 2 million more are unaware that they are affected, according to information compiled by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. While only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis, individuals over 40 and those with a history of glaucoma in their families may perform an at-home self-test for the disease. As of 2010, there is only one FDA-approved home test for glaucoma.

Access the Keep Your Sight website offered by Peristat Group, Inc. (see Resources). This is the only FDA-approved home test for glaucoma 1.

Click on the Demo and Instructions link represented by the circle containing the number 3.

Click on the Launch Peristat Demo button.

Dim the ambient lights in the room and ensure that your computer monitor has no glare from direct light.

Sit in a comfortable chair directly in front of your computer monitor, approximately 2 feet from the screen.

Choose an eye to test and cover the other eye with your hand. Leave glasses on or contacts in if you wear them.

Focus your eyes on the white counter in the middle of the screen. Do not change your focus or look at any other element on the screen.

Move your head closer to the screen slowly until the green flashing light in the periphery disappears.

Press any key on your keyboard or the left button on your mouse to start the test. Whenever you see a gray dot flash on your screen -- without changing your focus -- press any key on your keyboard or the left button on your mouse.

Click the Sign Up link at the end of your test to obtain your results. Provide a username and password of your choosing along with biographical information including your name, age, gender and race. Click the Register button. Your results will be emailed to you following a professional review, which usually takes approximately 24 hours.


As of 2010, the Peristat home test is free to use.