Old Town Loon Kayak 138 Review

The Loon 138 by Old Town is a recreational kayak measuring 13 feet 8 inches long that built for stability and ease of use 12. Old Town also offers 12-foot and 10-foot-long versions of their Loon model kayaks 12.


The Loon 138 comes standard with adjustable foot braces, carrying handles, deck bungees and a paddle holder 1. It also features its trademarked Ergonomic Extrasport XtraComfort Seat, and Rear Space Hatch, for storage. Kayak colors include green, red, yellow, sunrise and cloud.


The Old Town Loon 138 is a versatile kayak 12. The length, stability and reasonable tracking allow this kayak to be paddled in the ocean for casual use, while the large cockpit makes it suitable for overnight trips on calm rivers or fishing on a lake.


The Old Town Loon 138 has been around for many years and versions.You can find a used Loon kayak for a couple hundred dollars, though it may have fewer features than the current model 12. A new Loon 138, as of August 2010, has a suggested retail price of $699 1.

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