History of Chinese Jump Ropes

Chinese jump rope is a children's game that dates back to ancient China. The game also has excellent health benefits, and is enjoyed by children around the world.

Gameplay and Components

Two children attach long elasticized ropes or rubber bands to their ankles, while other children jump between the ropes in a game that resembles a hybrid of double dutch and hopscotch.

Alternate Names

Chinese jump rope became popular in the United States in the 1960s. It is also popular in Europe, Canada and China. Alternate names include Yoki, Elastics, Chinese Garters and Gummitwist.

Health Benefits

The game is excellent for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.


The game originated in seventh century China. It is still played during celebrations of the Chinese New Year.


In addition to being featured in Chinese New Year celebrations, the game can be choreographed to music and shown as a performance piece. Some dance studios offer Chinese jump rope as an option for their younger pupils.

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