How to Write a Thank You Note to a Daycare

If you and your partner are both working full time, your child is likely to spend more of his waking hours at daycare than with you. If you've chosen well, the workers there take care of his needs, help him to grow and even love him quite deeply. Children form a special bond with the daycare workers who take care of them, and it's only natural to want to write a thank you note to express your gratitude 1.

Include Everyone

It's tempting to write a catch-all thank you note and hand it over to the head of the school or the main teacher in the classroom 1. This would certainly save you time, but it's not as personal. You want to thank each and every worker who takes care of your child, including the primary teacher, the assistant, the lunch time monitor and any others. Along with this, it's helpful to send a special thank you to the head of the daycare, letting her know of your positive experiences with the staff. Your words of thanks might make a big difference when it comes to salary review.

Write It Out

In this day and age, it's tempting to shoot off a quick email of thanks, and while the teacher will probably appreciate this, it doesn't have the same effect as a more traditional handwritten note. A cute idea is to purchase blank note cards and have your child paint or draw on the outside, while you write your note on the inside.

Get Specific

A generic "Thank you for all the help you've given James over the past year," makes it seem like you don't really know the people who take care of your child. Instead, recall a specific incident and mention this in your letter. "When James first started, you had to peel him off my leg every day, but with your kind, patient attention, it wasn't long before he was begging to go to daycare," shows that you realize how hard she works and that she can sometimes work magic with the kids.

Going Beyond the Thanks

If you feel comfortable doing so, let the staff know that you're available to act as a future reference. This could work out well for the daycare itself, which may need parents to act as references for other parents considering the daycare, or also for workers who may be applying to earn a degree in education or for a higher position.