10 Reasons a Kid Should Have a Cell Phone

Just about every child, from middle school to teenager, wants to have his own cell phone. This is a dilemma for parents because of the many downsides to letting a children have his own phone, such as higher cell phone bills and excessive time spent on the new gadget. But there are many upsides to letting your child have a cell phone, which parents should consider before making the decision.


You are able to call or text your children at all times so you know where they are and what they are doing.


You will also find yourself relieved of worry waiting up for your child at night when he or she has gone out with friends. If your child is running late, she only has to give you a quick phone call to let you know she’ll be arriving soon.


If something were to happen, such as your child getting into a car accident or being stuck at a party, he will be able to reach you and let you know what is happening.

Something Happens to Your Child

Also, if something happens to your child that makes him incapable of calling you himself, someone else can use his phone to call your number stored under the contacts.

Displaying Trust

Giving your children a cell phone lets them know that you trust them to talk with their friends.

Bestowing Responsibility

It can also be a method of teaching your children responsibility as they learn to control their minutes and the number of texts they send.


A cell phone can also be used as a reward, showing your children that you are proud of them. Conversely, it can be used as a form of discipline by taking the cell phone away when your child has misbehaved.

GPS Tracker

Some cell phones have a GPS tracker built into the device. This allows a parent to keep track online of their child’s location. An older child may be offended by this invasion of privacy, but it is perfect for young children.


Many parents may not want to give their child a cell phone because they fear the size of their phone bill each month. However, if you don’t allow your child to have a web-enabled phone, keep them from downloading ring tones and limit their minutes, it doesn’t cost too much to add your child onto an existing plan.


Many child phones also give the parent a great deal of control, with just a few buttons for “Mom,” “Dad” or other emergency contacts.

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