Ideas for Birthday Surprises for a Teen Girl at School

While your teen's birthday is an important day for you, it might make her turn red with embarrassment if you show up at school to shower her with gifts and motherly love. Instead, make sure your teen knows just how much you love her by sneaking in a few surprises she can enjoy with her friends -- she'll know what great lengths you went to in your efforts to keep her teen pride safe, and she'll love you for your sacrifice.

Gift Hunt

Hide a gift in the school for your teen, but keep her crazy with anticipation by having her search for clues to its location all day. Talk to the administrative staff at school to make sure they know what you're up to and then hide the first clue in your teen's locker. Use the clue to guide her to the next one in her first classroom, and then hide a clue in each of her classrooms for the day. Use the final clue in her last class of the day to guide her to the gift. To make sure the gift stays safe throughout the entire hunt, consider hiding the gift with the school's principal or secretary. Write the final clue to point her toward the office to pick up her gift and receive a few more birthday wishes from the office staff. If the office isn't an option, sneak back into the school during last period, hide the gift in her locker and have the last clue point her back to this spot.

Lunch Surprise

Surprise your teen with her favorite lunch -- whether it's from an upscale restaurant or a local fast food joint. Talk to your teen's school ahead of time to see if it's OK for you to set up a table in the cafeteria or classroom for your teen and her friends, and then sneak a message to her best pals to join her for a surprise lunch. Make it an elegant affair by covering a table with a classy tablecloth; add a vase with flowers or balloons in the center and a few LED candles to complete the table setting. You can throw in a birthday cake, too, for your teen to share with her fellow diners, or send a little cupcake instead if you think the cake might be a little over the top.

Kidnap Your Teen

If you have a confident teen who doesn't embarrass easily, make a giant spectacle of her birthday. It will take a little careful planning and the cooperation of your teen's school, but you can pull off a middle-of-the-day kidnapping to catch her completely off guard. Take a look at your teen's schedule to find the class most likely to excuse your teen for a little while, and after getting permission from the relevant teachers and school staff, sneak in a few conversations with her friends to plan the event. Set up a little picnic or party area in the schoolyard, fill it with her gifts and some goodies, and then send her friends into the classroom to carry out the human heist.

Ride in Style

If you can't get into the school during the day to surprise your teen, make her the envy of the school when the end-of-the-day bell rings by having a limousine pick up her and her gal pals after school. Make sure the limousine service is there promptly when the bell sounds to make sure every student gets to see your teen's stylish ride, and have the limousine stocked with goodies for the girls to enjoy while they are chauffeured around the city. If you're feeling particularly generous, have the limo service drive the teens to a restaurant for dinner, too. You can keep the limo a surprise for your teen's friends, too, but be sure to talk to her friends' parents so they know how their kids will be getting home or where they'll be going after school. If your teen is more of a horse-and-carriage kind of gal, call around to see if you can find this type of equestrian service in your city.

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