How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Prospective Adoptive Parent

If you have a friend or family member who is trying to adopt a child, part of the application process is to get references or letters of recommendation from three or four people who know her well. Being asked to provide a reference is both an honor and an important responsibility. Before you write your recommendation, think about why the prospective adopter would make an ideal parent, and then present this information in your letter.

Explain who you are and your relationship with the prospective adopters, including how long you have known them. Elaborate on the prospective adoptive parent's positive traits and how they are conducive to a happy home for an adopted child 2. For example, are they patient? Patience is a necessary attribute when raising a child. Are they loving and generous? What about honest and trustworthy? Honesty means that the child will always know where he stands with his parents and will help to develop trust.

Write about any experience she has with children, even if it's informal, such as taking a niece or nephew to the park or baby-sitting your child. Mention any positive instances where you saw her interact with children. Include personality traits that you feel would help her raise a happy and healthy child. For example, was she raised in a happy, stable home herself? Does she have younger siblings that she is close to? Is she stable and content with her life? Outline the prospective parent's hobbies and interests and how these fit around the adoptive child. For instance, if he likes to cycle, say that you imagine him and his child going on family bike rides together.

Refer to her home, both in regards to the atmosphere and its facilities, such as having plenty of space or a big yard for a child to play in. Write about her neighborhood, including how safe and child-friendly it is. Mention the quality of the schools nearby, community centers and activities.

State how he can afford to raise and care for a child, including any promotions received or years at his current job, if applicable. Showing his financial stability helps his credibility in becoming an adoptive parent.


Keep the letter succinct. Outline all the required information, but don't ramble or get too wordy.