How to Write a No Alcohol Contract

The combination of teenagers and alcohol can be deadly, so discouraging your kids from drinking is likely a parenting priority. Whether drinking and driving is your concern or you just wish to help strengthen your child’s resolve to avoid alcohol, a “no alcohol” contract can assist you in achieving this goal. Incorporate the contract into the other limits and privileges your child enjoys.

Write a statement made from your child’s perspective that promises not to consume alcohol. For example, you might write, “I will not drink alcohol of any kind in any amount.” If you wish to include drugs in your contract, include drugs in this statement, also.

Create a statement about drinking and driving. For example, you might write, “I will not drive after drinking any amount of alcohol.” Include a statement about alcohol in a vehicle, such as, “I will not allow any alcohol in a vehicle.” Add a statement about riding with other drivers also, such as, “I will not ride in a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking any amount of alcohol.” Add using drugs to these statements, also, if you desire.

Add a statement about calling parents for help, if needed. This statement could be, “I will call home for help if I ever need a ride, regardless of the circumstances.”

Address honesty in the contract by adding a statement about being truthful with parents. You might write, “I will be honest with my parents about my use of alcohol and situations where I encounter alcohol.” Add drugs to this statement, if you wish.

Compose your side of the contract to place requirements on your conduct, as well. You might write statements such as, “I will listen objectively and respectfully, without judging and criticizing.” and “I will help when you ask, without overreacting.”

Add a statement at the bottom, such as, “I understand that breaking this contract will result in penalties.” Create a line for your child’s signature and a date. Add a parental statement such as, “We will keep our promises, and we will follow through with penalties, if necessary.” Create a line for parental signatures and date.

Make a copy of the contract for the parents and the child.

Read the contract with your child and discuss each point. Make sure your child understands your expectations and reiterate your commitment to be supportive and helpful. Explain the consequences of breaking the contract to your child. For example, if you find that your child has broken the contract by consuming alcohol, grounding and loss of cell phone for a specific amount of time might occur. If you find that your child has broken the contract by driving after drinking alcohol, your child will lose driving privileges for a specific period.

Complete the contract with signatures and dates from the child and the parents.

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