Ways to Tell Mom You Are Pregnant on Mother's Day

Sharing the news of your pregnancy is a special moment to cherish and someday share with your little one. Soon-to-be grandmas especially get excited about the news. If the time you will announce your pregnancy is close to Mother’s Day, plan out a creative, unforgettable way to share the news with your mom 1.

With a Card

The traditional Mother’s Day card becomes extra special with the news of a new arrival in the family. If this will be the first grandchild, any card with the word “grandma” will bring an instant reaction. Also consider more subtle messages. Write about a special gift on order that will be arriving on your due date. Sign the card with “and baby.” Write a long message about what a wonderful mother she is and how much you will value her experience as you become a mother yourself. Write that next year you will enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day too.

With a Frame

The photo frame is a popular way of sharing the news of a pregnancy. There are a wide variety of grandma frames available. A sonogram picture can be placed inside or you can simply make a sign to place in the frame that says “pictures to arrive on ___” or “pictures developing until_.”

A Twist on the Traditional Present

Consider slightly tweaking your typical Mother’s Day present to reveal the news. If you make a Mother’s Day meal, bake a cake and decorate it in a creative way to share the news 1. For flowers, add a card that shares baby’s on the way. If your mom loves books, give her a book to read to her soon-to-be grandchild. There are many nice baby books that focus on grandmas. If your mom loves clothing, put a baby shirt or bib that says “Grandma loves me” inside the gift. If your mom and you go shopping together, swing by the baby department of your favorite store to tell her. If your family goes out to eat, consider the elaborate suggestion of Marianne Hales Harding. She shares about a couple who had the waiter bring out specially designed menus describing the lovely boy or lovely girl that was on the way. The menu also shared that any form of payment (hugs, kisses, cuddles, tickles) is acceptable.

Celebrate Your Mom’s Interests

Develop a unique gift that fits your mom best. For example, if she loves to garden, give her a stack of seed packets, with a special one made from a sonogram picture. For an amazing cook, give her a grandma apron. If she loves jewelry, find the perfect grandma necklace. If she already has several grandchildren, design a bracelet with each one’s birthstone and a note that an extra one is coming. For a collector of items like tea cups or statues, find a grandma-style one. See if you can find a baby outfit to match your mom’s interests: a sport’s team, music notes for a musician, or a nautical outfit for a water enthusiast.

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