Thomas Trackmaster Assembly Instructions

Thomas Trackmaster play sets include trains, railroad tracks and train stations modeled after Thomas the Train 1. The tracks and train stations can be navigated hands-free by the battery operated trains, which include all of the characters from the Thomas the Train cartoons. Set up must be done properly to enable the trains to travel the railroad smoothly.

Lay out the pieces of the track. These are the brown, rectangular pieces upon which the trains will travel. Some curve to mark where the track curves. Turn all of these pieces right side up, and arrange them next to each other until they resemble a track.

Hook the grooves of the track pieces into one another. Make sure all of the pieces are secure and that the shape resembles an oval train track.

Connect the base of the station to the track. The base is the long gray piece. It will have grooves that attach to the starting point on the track.

Attach the house to the base of the station. The house is made up of the yellow pieces. Look at the graphics on the pieces for guidance. The body of the station is the largest piece and resembles a house with windows on the front. This clicks into the largest grooves at the center of the base.

Attach the fence to the base of the station. When facing the station, the yellow fence pieces will click into the grooves in back of the house so that the fence is surrounding the house.

Insert one AA battery into the train. Turn the train on, and place it on the track. Click the lever on the track to let the train run freely around it. Click the lever back to stop the train.