Thomas Track Master Railway Instructions

Since 1984, Thomas the Train on the TV show, "Shining Time Station" has entertained children. TrackMaster Railways are railroad track sets that bring Thomas and his friends into your home 1. The TrackMaster line includes all of his friends and tracks for the battery-operated trains 1. You can assemble the tracks in a variety of configurations. Some TrackMaster sets include stations, bridges or tunnels for the trains to transverse.

Unpack all of the tracks. Place all of the tracks with the railway grooves face up.

Snap the tracks into place by fitting together the grooves at the end of each track. In general, your track should be set up in an oval to allow the trains to transverse the track correctly.

Attach the station, bridge or tunnel to the end of one track piece. Snap another piece to the other side of the station, bridge or tunnel.

Open the battery cover at the top of the train. According to instructions etched into the battery compartment, insert the batteries into the indicated grooves. Replace the battery cover.

Turn the train on by moving the switch, which is located on the side or bottom of the train. Place the train on the track and watch it go around the track.