Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set Instructions

The Thomas the Tank Water Tower Steam Set comes with a real working water tower that Thomas can fill up at when he runs out of steam. The set is safe for children as young as 3 years old, though putting the pieces together can be a bit challenging. Set aside some time to properly assemble this toy set, and it will bring your child hours of enjoyment.

Separate and lay out all of the train parts on a flat surface.

Connect the pieces of track together as shown on the box. Use the diagram available in the Resources section of this article.

Remove the battery compartment on the bottom of Annie and place in one AA battery. Remove the upper part of the Annie train to install one more AA battery. Assemble the water tower per your box instructions, or by using the diagram in Resources.

Fill Thomas and the water tank with water. Water will come out of the bottom, so clean this up with a towel, and then set Thomas on the track. Turn on the power switch on Thomas, as well as the one located on the bottom of Annie. Place the toy on the track and watch it go.

Teach your child how to properly use the train set by showing how water goes into the designated hole on Thomas, and not through the funnel where the steam comes out. Check for any loose track or other parts, that may derail the train or cause spillage.


Supervise your child during at least the first few times of play, as chances are she will have questions/issues with the setup and use of the set.

In order for the steam to come out, both switches must be turned on.


Do not place the train set directly on the floor unless you are OK with water spillage. The set will drip at least a little with every use.

A flat surface is essential, or else Thomas will derail when it hits a bump.