Special Things to Do for a Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower for a family member or close friend, you're sure to run across lists of traditional games, such as guessing the weight of the baby, or tasting and then guessing the flavor of a baby food. Add in snacks, cake and presents and you've got your shower planned. While tried-and-true baby shower activities work, they're also predictable and not very meaningful. Between the games and presents, consider incorporating special activities that add more meaning and importance to the event.

Mother to Mother-to-Be

Something out of the ordinary is to have the mother of the mother-to-be present her daughter with a sentimental gift. She might first talk a little about how she felt giving birth to her daughter -- and how special it is to see her daughter preparing to have her own child. The mother could then present her daughter with the outfit that she wore on the day she came home from the hospital, or she could give her a framed picture of herself holding the mother-to-be when she was a newborn. If the mother of the mother-to-be is not an option, consider having someone who is like a mother figure step in and present her with a special gift that emphasizes their relationship.

Ceramic Painting

Give the guests at the baby shower aprons or smocks and have them sit down to paint little ceramic figurines that the new mom can use to decorate the baby's room. They could be little angels, animals or alphabet letters. Visit any ceramic paint shop to purchase figurines that match the decor of the baby's nursery. The mother-to-be might really appreciate these personalized additions to the baby's room, and the guests will feel like they contributed to decorating it.

Build a Library

In addition to any gifts the guests are bringing to the party, ask them to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book to create an instant library for the baby. Have each person present her book to the mother-to-be one at a time, explaining why she loves the book so much. Another idea is to have the guests write a welcome message to the baby on the inside cover of the book.

Alternative Baby Shower Activities

For mothers-to-be and her friends with a strong Christian faith, one idea is to have the guests read a special prayer or blessing to the mother as she embarks on this special new journey in her life. For those who are not religious but want a spiritual aspect to their shower, incorporate mother blessing activities, which originate in Native American traditions. Mother blessing activities focus on spending time with the mother-to-be, not necessarily giving gifts or playing silly baby shower games. Activities might include sharing positive birthing stories to relieve pre-delivery anxiety, offering prayers, giving the mom-to-be foot massages, and decorating her belly with henna. You can alter these activities to suit the new mother. The intent is to create a space of love and positive energy -- and let the mom-to-be know she's not alone.