How to Reset a Furby 2

The Furby is a virtual electronic pet. It’s fully automated and responds to numerous prompts and commands. You can scratch its back or rub its belly. When you hug a Furby it becomes affectionate, performs songs and responds to your applause. It will even answer to the unique name you give it. The operation of your Furby can occasionally be substandard. There are two methods of resetting when the Furby’s chips exhibit signs of error.

Remove the Batteries

Turn the Furby over to reveal the battery compartment. Open the lid with a small Phillips-head screwdriver.

Remove the 4 AA batteries within and wait a few minutes. Reinstall your batteries or insert newer replacement batteries.

Place the battery cover in place and re-tighten the screw using your Phillips-head screwdriver. Allow the Furby to power up and perform its dance. This sequence normally corrects what was wrong with your Furby. Once this is done, it should be ready for normal use.

Reset Button

Flip your Furby on its belly to locate its reset button. It is just under the battery compartment.

Press and hold the reset button using a thin-tipped instrument such as a pencil or pen. Five seconds should suffice. Turn your Furby right side up.

Allow the Furby to perform its special dance in order to work out the errors. It should work normally once this is complete.