Cute Themes for a Pre-K Fashion Show

While your preschooler isn't quite ready to join the ranks of Cindy Crawford or Heidi Klum, a pint-sized fashion show is a creative way to introduce new looks for a local kids' boutique, raise money for your child's school or support a community or church group 1. If you are in charge of, or are at least contributing to, a pre-k fashion show, there are an array of cute themes that are both imaginative and age appropriate 1.


If the pre-k fashion show falls near a major holiday, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween, consider using the big day as a major theme. Deck the sides of your runway with festive colored tinsel or make a "red carpet" in a hue that goes with the holiday. If possible, choose clothes that reflect the holiday. For example, if you are doing a Christmas fashion show, you might choose red velvet dresses for the girls and reindeer sweaters or red and green plaid shirts for the boys.

Time Period

Throw a back-to-the future fashion show and create a futuristic theme, or really go back in time with a 1950s or 60s focus 1. Create a modern take on another era that's also kid-friendly. For example, have a happening hippie 1960s show that features cute bell bottom jeans and pint-sized tie-dye tees, or flowing flower-power dresses. If you want to try a futuristic-themed fashion show, opt for modern metallics, such as shiny silver or platinum, and a simplistic stream-lined look 1.


Lions, tigers and bears -- oh my! Get cute and cuddly with an awesome animal fashion show that features your preschooler and her friends or classmates. Decorate the fashion show hall or room with posters of furry or feathered creatures, or line the runway with stuffed animals such as giraffes, lions or elephants. Choose fashions that have pictures of animals embroidered on them, or go with a wild animal-print theme. If you opt for an animal-print theme, keep the clothes age appropriate. Go with something that is more along the lines of cute pink and purple zebra print leggings that are paired with a solid sweater, than a leopard-spotted body suit.


It's a small world -- and cultural diversity is key to your child's early education. Celebrate different countries and cultures with a diversity or world-themed, pre-k fashion show. Choose one specific country, such as Japan or Spain, or go with an array of different cultures. Create an around-the-world theme -- and have each child dress in the traditional clothes of a specific place or culture. If you have friends -- or there are other parents -- who come from another country or culture, ask them for help on what is or isn't appropriate dress.

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