Fun Ways for School Kids to Celebrate Their Teachers' Birthdays

Whether you are the homeroom parent in charge of class parties or your child simply wants to mark an educator's big day, there are a variety of fun ways for kids to celebrate their teachers' birthdays. From festive and themed in-class celebrations to crafty homemade gifts, saying "Happy Birthday" to a favorite teacher is much more than a simple greeting.

Class Party

If your child's school allows parties -- check with the administration or the school's policy guide first -- you can schedule an in-class bash for the teacher's birthday. Have the kids make their own decorations such as a "Happy Birthday" banner, bring in a cake -- or other school-approved goody -- and choose a few fun-filled games. Make the games teacher- or birthday-themed and have a gift wrapping and unwrapping relay race or make your own bingo cards with words that tie to the teacher, such as her last name or birth date.

Class Card

Instead of a store-bought greeting, enlist the help of your kids and make teacher a crafty card. Start with an extra-large sized piece of poster board that is at least 11-inches by 14-inches or more. Fold the paper in half, card-style, and brainstorm a themed idea for the front. For example, your child can draw a picture of his teacher or an apple for the educator. Open the card and write a birthday message. Have all of the students sign the card using bold colors or add an extra sparkle with glitter pens.

Homemade Class Gifts

As an alternative to store-bought gifts for the teacher, have your child and her friends make a special present. For example, create a "gift tree plant" that has handmade pockets from each child. Fold colorful 8-inch by 10-inch pieces of card stock in half vertically from bottom to the top. Draw a flower shape starting at the bottom fold. Cut the flower out, keeping it connected at the fold, and glue the sides together to make a pocket. Glue the flower pocket to a pipe cleaner or piece of craft wire, fill it with a small present such as a gift card or hand-written poem, and stick the other end into the soil of a small-sized houseplant. Another easy option is to create a whole class collage. Start with an 11-inch by 14-inch or larger piece of poster board as a base. Have the kids cut and glue photos from the school year onto the board in a collage.

Poem or Song

Creative or musically-inclined kids can celebrate teacher's birthday with a rhythmically read poem or a special song. Young children in kindergarten and the early elementary years may want to recite or sing an existing poem or song, while older kids can create their own. Jack Prelutsky, the U.S. children's poet laureate, suggests beginning with a brainstorming session that can include rhyming simple words or describing an object 1. Have your child choose teacher-themed words to begin the birthday poem. Set the poem to music to create a song that your child can sing on teacher's big day.

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