How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Harris County Texas

According to the Harris County Clerk’s office, Texas birth certificates are considered confidential for 75 years. However, obtaining a birth certificate for someone born in Harris County, Texas, is a simple process that should take a relatively short period of time to complete. Basic information and identification is required to obtain a birth certificate. Read all forms before completing them. This will help you to avoid mistakes and have your application returned.

Print the application for a certified copy of a Texas birth or death certificate (they are both on one form). The application is available at the Harris County Clerk's website.

Complete the application. Make sure to put a check mark in the box next to "Birth." You will need to supply the full name of the person whose birth certificate you want, date of birth and names of both parents. You will also need to supply general information about yourself.

Photocopy your state issued identification card (drivers license, etc.). If you have a scanner, you can use it to make a photocopy. If not, most office supply stores can make one for you for a small fee.

Mail your application, photocopy of your identification card and payment to the Harris County Clerk's office. Birth certificates are $23.00 each.

P. O. BOX 1525 Houston, Texas 77251-1525

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