How Much Does the American Girl Doll Hospital Cost?

Even the most-adored American Girl doll can fall victim to an accident. That’s why American Girl dolls can "check in" to the hospital where, for a fee, doctors will work to make her as good as new again.


To admit a doll, download a hospital admittance form from, complete the form, and ship the doll and appropriate fees to the address provided.

Reattachments and Eye Replacements

For a head or limb reattachment, provide all pieces when shipping your doll. The fee for either service as of 2009 is $24, as is the cost of eye replacement.

New Head or Body

For a new head or body, ship all old pieces. Cost for either as of 2009 is $39. Heads can be replaced only with the same American Girl.

Replacing Torso or Limbs

If your doll needs either its torso or limbs replaced, the cost as of 2009 is $29.

Wellness Visit

Whether chosen as the only service or added to a repair, the cost for a wellness visit as of 2009 was $24 and includes cleaned skin and brushed hair.

Discharge from the Hospital

All dolls, including those getting a wellness visit, are discharged within two weeks and shipped home with a hospital gown, certificate of good health, get-well balloon and ID bracelet.

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