Mother and Daughter Banquet Ideas

Bringing together mothers and daughters to enjoy some one-on-one time, focus on their relationship and perhaps even celebrate a holiday such as Mother's Day can be a memorable experience for all involved. Design a banquet theme, menu and activities that celebrate relationships between mothers and daughters. Your thoughtful planning will result in a mother and daughter banquet that every guest remembers for years to come.


Choosing a theme for your banquet can guide your activities and give your guests a sense of what will take place. Like many people, you can schedule your Mother and Daughter banquet in early May, around Mother's Day. In addition to the obvious Mother's Day theme, your mother and daughter banquet can also focus on strengthening the mother-daughter bond, providing an open forum for mothers and daughters to talk about important issues or reflecting on strong mother-daughter relationships throughout history. Focusing on a theme will help you create a cohesive banquet.


Create a decidedly feminine look for your mother and daughter banquet. With fathers and sons staying at home, you can embrace light, airy tones and even shades of pastels for your all-female guest list. Drape tables in light linens, whether you opt for a pale pink, mint green or neutral cream. Create a thematic centerpiece for each table. For example, you could frame photographs of famous mother-daughter duos from history, or choose seasonal flowers as the centerpiece. Ask guests for photos of them before the event, and you can use their photos on place cards or in a slideshow for your mother and daughter banquet.


Creating an itinerary for your mother and daughter banquet keeps the event moving seamlessly. Include time for guests to mingle and chat as well as plenty of time for guests to enjoy the food and drinks. Fill in the gaps with more structured activities. You can have a featured speaker, such as a community leader or minister, speak about her experience as a mother, daughter or both. Plan some bonding activities for the mothers and daughters at your banquet -- you could hire a professional photographer to take photos of each mother-daughter duo, giving them a take-home gift from their day at the banquet.


Your choices are seemingly limitless when designing a menu for your mother and daughter banquet, but you want to choose items that are easy to make and serve for a big crowd. If you are hosting at a banquet hall with in-house catering, you have more freedom when it comes to your menu since you will not be preparing the food. If you are taking the catering on yourself, consider brunch fare -- miniature quiches, finger sandwiches, fruit salad, croissants and doughnuts --, which will delight the mothers and daughters attending your banquet.