How to Make a Poster That Describes Your Child

Show your child how wonderful she is with a poster that captures the essence of her personality and all the wonderful characteristics you love about her. Use pictures to make the poster as visually stimulating for your youngster as possible and spend a little one-on-one time together talking about the poster to bolster her self-esteem before you hang it on her wall as a constant reminder of the unique things that make her so special 1.

Make a list of all the words that describe your child, such as kind-hearted, sneaky, giving and rambunctious. Try to create an accurate picture with the words that incorporate all his wonderful characteristics and his adorable little flaws.

Pull out all your child's photo albums and look through each of them to find pictures that coordinate with your descriptive words. For words that you cannot find a coordinating picture, find clipart images online or think of pictures you can draw if you're artistically gifted.

Write your child's name across the top or center of a large sheet of poster board. You can use stencils to make the letters of his name as decorative as you like.

Arrange the photos on the poster board, leaving enough space between each of the photos to write a small caption. Add the magazine clippings and mark spaces for any hand-drawn pictures. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, glue the photos and clippings in place and draw the remainder of the photos by hand.

Write descriptive words for each picture or use short quotes, such as “Sweeter than Pie," "Heart of a Lion," "Quick as Lightning" or "Stubborn as a Mule." Write the words by hand or use stencils for decorative letters.


If you don't have enough photos or magazine clippings for the poster, and you weren't born with the artistic gene, you can create a beautiful name poem poster that uses descriptive words that start with the letters in your child's name. Write her name vertically down the length of the poster and then write the descriptive terms beside each letter. You can dress up the poster with one or two pictures of your child, or let her help out with the project by decorating around the poem with markers, paint or glitter and glue.