Make It: Easy Paper Sun Catchers

During the summer, the kids and I like to focus a lot of our art projects around nature. These simple tissue paper sun catchers are one of our favorite activities. The kids love cutting up and layering on the colorful tissue paper pieces for various effects, and the way the colors come to life on the window is almost magical.

To make your own paper sun catchers, you will need:

  • tissue paper in various colors
  • wax paper
  • white glue
  • scissors
  • a sponge applicator or paint brush
  • a pen

Start by taping the wax paper onto the table so it won’t move around while you’re working. Then use the pen to draw your shape onto the paper.

Next, take your tissue paper sheets and cut or tear them into small pieces. Using different shades of the same hue will create a nice stained glass look.

Once you have all of your pieces, separate them by color into different bowls. Then use your sponge applicator or paint brush to apply a thin coat of glue over your drawing.

Smooth the tissue paper over the glue, one piece at a time, to create a layered look. Continue gluing and applying paper until your drawing is completely covered.

When it comes to picking the subject of your art, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go with whatever excites your child. A colorful semi-truck looks just as lovely on the window as a rainbow or butterfly.

Once your piece is completely covered in tissue paper and the glue is dry, cut it out and tape it on the window. The colors will literally light up as the sun shines through them.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan