How to Set Up a Baby Nursery at Grandma's House

Grandma’s house can sometimes be a surrogate home for your baby. Whether Grandma watches your little one regularly, or relieves you for the occasional well deserved break, making sure baby is comfortable is important. Consider setting up a baby nursery at Grandma’s house. Grandma’s nursery doesn’t need to be as elaborate or decorated as yours at home, but a few familiar touches will soothe your baby and make him feel right at home.

Provide a place for baby to sleep. This is probably the most important item for Grandma’s nursery. How much time your baby will be spending at Grandma’s and her available space will help you determine what type of sleeping arrangements will be needed.

If she watches baby every day, and has an available room, consider setting up a crib. Set up a full-size crib if she has the room. If not, there are smaller versions called portable cribs which can be folded and stored away when baby is not visiting. If Grandma is serving as occasional babysitter, a play pen or play yard will also work as a place for baby to sleep.

Changing diapers is inevitable with babies. A changing table is comfortable for both baby and Grandma; it provides baby with a secure feeling and saves Grandma’s back from leaning over a bed to change a diaper.

Stock the changing table with the essentials Grandma will need to care for baby 1. Include diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, nasal aspirator, thermometer and baby nail scissors.

Keep on hand an ample supply of extra clothing items for baby. Items such as onesies and undershirts are an essential staple in any nursery. Babies go through several outfits a day, sometimes in an hour it seems! Make sure Grandma has enough clothing to keep your little one comfortable and dry.

A laundry hamper is also a helpful item for Grandma to have in her nursery to collect all of the soiled clothes and bedding. A small hamper or basket near the changing table will make it easier for Grandma to launder baby’s things.

Rocking is a very soothing motion for babies. Grandma may want to have a rocking chair available, especially if your baby has difficulty sleeping or is having a particularly fussy day. Inexpensive rockers can be purchased at furniture retailers everywhere.

Entertaining baby won’t be too hard, as babies are fascinated with the entire world around them. But, Grandma should have a few toys in her nursery for baby to look at and grasp. A teething toy is helpful and soothing when baby’s new teeth begin to grow.


While not essential, other helpful items for Grandma may be a baby monitor and a diaper disposal system.


Make sure all baby items, especially cribs, are up to the safety standards of today. Older items may have unsafe structures or be painted with lead paint.

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