How to Make a Diaper Out of Underwear

Many mothers are faced with the dilemma of a late-night diaper soaking and the absence of any fresh disposable diapers to place on the infant. A homemade diaper constructed from underwear and sanitary napkins will help in a pinch. This same homemade diaper is ideal for the potty-training toddler. It will allow the child to wear underwear instead of a diaper without the inevitable stains and messy accidents.

Get a pair of underwear that will fit the child snugly. For an infant, take a pair of children's or adult underwear and fold the sides in towards the front. Pin the folded sides to the front of the underwear with safety pins.

Line the inside of the underwear with a feminine napkin. If available, use a napkin that has extra-absorbency or wings. If these are not available -- or for added absorption -- line both the inside and outside of the crotch panel with a feminine napkin.

Place the homemade diaper on the child 2. For an added layer of protection, cover the underwear with a plastic diaper cover. If the cover is not available, lay a towel under the child and put him back into bed. The towel will absorb any liquids that leak out of the diaper.


Avoid covering an older infant or toddler’s homemade underwear diaper with a plastic bag. The child may pull at the plastic and put the pieces in her mouth.

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