Instructions on How to Use a V400 Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier

The Vicks V400 Cool Mist Humidifier is an impeller humidifier and differs from a standard evaporation device. Evaporation humidifiers use a fan to blow air through a saturated filter 1. Impeller humidifiers do not have a fan, but instead use a rotating disk to break water into droplets. The droplets leave the face of the unit and float into the air to humidify the environment. The V400 features a DynaFilter that cleans allergens out of the air. Operation of this unit is straightforward and takes just minutes to set up.

Humidifier Use

Set the humidifier on a flat, solid surface, like a table or the floor.

Remove the wrapping on the DynaFilter cartridge. Slide the cartridge into the recessed slot located on top of the humidifier. Replace the filter when accumulated dirt becomes visible.

Grasp the housing on both sides and pull up to remove. Place the housing to the side. Set the housing upside down to avoid damaging the pickup tube on the inside surface.

Use a pitcher to pour water into the inside of the unit. The water storage compartment is internal and does not come out. You must bring water to the machine. Fill to the line on the side of the compartment. Do not overfill.

Check the on/off switch. It should be set to off or the “0” position. Plug the unit into a nearby wall socket. If you must use an extension cord, use a 12-10 gauge appliance cord. Turn the unit to “On” once plugged in.

Humidifier Maintenance

Wipe the unit down after use. Turn the unit off and unplug the cord. Remove the housing. Rinse the base of the unit under running water. Dry the base and housing with paper towels. Vicks advises to never clean the housing with water. This may result in electric shock.

Remove the pickup tube from the inside of the housing once a week. Grasp the tube with your fingers and rotate the disk towards the “Off” label on the housing. Soak the tube in a bowl of undiluted white vinegar for 20 minutes.

Dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe down the base and housing. Rinse the base and tube with water and reassemble the humidifier. Dry the housing with a paper towel or cloth.

Disinfect the unit several times a year. Fill the water compartment in the base with 1 tsp. of bleach and 1 gallon of water. Place the pickup tube inside the base. Soak for 20 minutes. Rinse the base and tube under running water. Dry the unit with a clean cloth.


Do not immerse the unit in water.

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