Ideas for Wacky Clothes Day for Toddlers

Your toddler is still at an age where the clothing he wears is ultimately your decision but that won't stop his desire to pick out his own clothes. According to, by the age of two-and-a-half, your child will begin to express interest in dressing and undressing himself some of the time 1. Planning a wacky clothes day at home or school will allow him to be in control of his attire for a day.

Crazy Headwear

Crazy hats and headbands are a whimsical addition to your toddler's wacky day attire. Simply shape a piece of construction paper into the shape of a cone and tape the ends together. Your toddler can decorate the hat with foam stickers and pom-poms to create crazy designs all over the cone hat. For a different hat, size a thick piece of paper around your toddler's head and let him decorate the strip. Tape the ends together and place it on his head. Animal or bug headbands, such as bunny ears or bumblebee antenna, can also be used in place of hats as crazy day head wear.

Clashing Clothes

Combining clothing that clashes serves as fitting attire for wacky clothes day. Combine articles of clothing with different prints and patterns for your toddler's crazy ensemble 1. For example, consider pairing a plaid shirt with a polka dot skirt and animal print leggings for a toddler girl or pairing a striped shirt with camouflage khakis for a little boy. Colors that traditionally clash with each other also work well for wacky clothes day. Neon mismatched colors or a purple t-shirt with bright orange or lime green pants is an ideal choice for wacky clothes day.

Other Ideas

Wearing clothing inside out or backwards is another alternative to clashing color attire for your toddler's wacky clothes day. Simply put your toddler's normal clothing on backwards. Put his shirt and pants on with the clothing's inside tags showing in the front of his body instead of the back. Or put his vest or snap jacket on backwards. Fasten or snap his vest or jacket on his back instead of his chest. For an even wackier option, turn his clothes inside out so that all the clothing label tags show and then put the inside out clothing on backwards.

Silly Footwear

Your toddler's wacky clothes day wouldn't be complete without silly socks and shoes. Grab a pair of his mismatched socks in different colors or patterns and put one on each of his feet. Roll his pants legs up to reveal his silly socks to others. Continue the mismatching with his shoes. Place two contrasting shoes on each of his feet, such as a dress shoe on one foot and a sneaker on the other foot. Wearing his pajama slippers in the daytime also serves as fitting wacky footwear. Grab his cartoon character slippers and place them on his feet or put two separate cartoon character slippers on each foot.

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