Costumes for a Career Day for Kids

While some schools limit career day activities to lectures from parents and community helpers, a more creative approach is to have the kids dress up in outfits from their favorite professions 1. If your child needs a costume for her career day, you don't need to break the bank on a fancy store-bought get-up.

Community Helpers

Police officers, firefighters, the school crossing guard, paramedics and other community helpers might seem like superheros in your little one's eyes. If you child has aspirations to become a first responder, or join another community-helper profession, these costumes make cute career day choices. Start with the basics and dress your child up in dark blue pants and a button down shirt. Add a homemade badge to create a police officer uniform or a pair of rain boots and a red plastic hat for a fore fighter costume. Add props to turn the outfit into a crossing guard by making a paper stop sign with a thick dowel handle.

Medical Professions

If your child is considering a career in the medical field, he can try out a doctor's, nurse's or veterinarian's costume. Make a basic medical profession dress-up outfit and start with a pair of blue scrubs. Add a surgical mask and hat or a white lab coat to complete the look. Use props to define which specific career your child is choosing. For example, if your child is a veterinarian, give him a toy cat or dog to take along with him.


While super stars are few and far between, that doesn't mean your child can't aspire to greatness. If your child wants to join the talented few in the entertainment field, help her to dress up like a pop star, movie actress or musician. Choose a fashionable ensemble, a sparkly sequined dress or a glitter-covered outfit for your child to wear. Add props such as a microphone, faux movie script or toy guitar to complete the look.

Business Professionals

Although accounting isn't exactly the coolest of professions, business-related careers make up a prime part of the work force. Kids who have an interest in anything from marketing and sales to the law, can dress up for career day in a white-collar costume. Choose a plain suit for your child to wear. Girls can wear a blazer and either pants or a skirt, while boys should wear a jacket, pants and a tie. Add on a brief case, or laptop bag, for a full business-person costume.

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