What to Wear for Opposites Day in Preschool

Some preschools will hold an "opposites day" to encourage the children to think creatively about opposite pairs. Because preschoolers tend to be very literal thinkers, concrete illustrations such as clothing, help them better understand opposites 1. A typical activity of "opposites day" is of course requesting the children wear opposites, a request that may leave you scratching your head. Rather than stress over finding the perfect getup, talk to your child about the opposites he has learned in preschool and help him look through his dresser for ideas of how to illustrate one or more of these concepts with clothing. With your guidance, your preschooler can come up his own idea for an opposites outfit that fits his idea of fun 1.

Opposite Colors and Shapes

Preschools teach about colors and shapes, so one idea for an outfit is to mismatch top and bottom with opposite shapes, such as a top with polka dots and pants with checks. Illustrate up and down or right and left with arrow prints pointing in opposite directions. A black and white outfit is a simple opposite. If your preschooler has learned about the color wheel, you can point out the complementary opposite colors and put together an outfit in her favorite pair of colors.

Inside Out and Backward

Wearing his clothes inside out and backward is a no-hassle way to dress for opposites day that may tickle your little one's funny bone. Turn t-shirts, pants, shorts, skirts or dresses inside out. Wear button-up shirts, dresses or baseball hats backwards. Mix things up by wearing each item of clothing in a different direction to create even more opposites. For example, combine a backwards shirt with inside out pants.


Draw from the different styles in your child's wardrobe, such as dress-up versus play clothes, such as a fancy top and play shorts, with one plain sock and one lacy sock and one dress shoe and one sneaker. If your preschooler wants to mismatch shoes, ensure he can move around comfortably 1. Mismatching bedtime and day wear is another way your preschooler might have fun with opposites day.

Wacky Hairdos

In addition to clothing choices your preschooler may like the silliness of wearing two different hairstyles 1. For instance, spike one side with gel and comb the other side smooth; or wear one side down and one in pony tail or braid. Alternately, you can curl one side or tie it up in ribbons and leave the other side plain.

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