Things to Do on Your 12th Birthday

A child's 12th birthday is his last as a child 1. The next year, he becomes a teenager. While 12-year-olds have outgrown some of the more juvenile birthday party concepts, they are still young enough to appreciate an opportunity to have fun with their friends 12. Pick a concept with your child to celebrate his special day.

Laser Tag

Kids get to race around a dark room shooting laser guns at their friends. Many laser tag facilities offer birthday packages, allowing you to rent out a room and pre-pay for all of the party guests. If your child is a video game fan, or just enjoys being boisterous and active, he will enjoy a laser tag party.


Roller-skating has been a popular birthday activity for decades. The music, exciting atmosphere and physical activity available at a roller-skating rink keep kids engaged and allow them to burn off energy while partying with their friends. Your pre-teen will enjoy the freedom he feels traveling around the rink with his friends.

Party in the Park

Parties in the park are affordable and fun for kids of all ages. Rent or reserve a shelter to house your event. Cook hamburgers and hot dogs, serve chips and soda, and pick up a birthday cake. Plan relay races and other physical activities for the birthday girl and her friends. Allow the new 12-year-old and her guests to frolic around the park and get some fresh air on your child's special day.


The interactive games and exciting sounds of an arcade create excitement in many kids. Hold your 12-year-old's birthday at an arcade, and allow the birthday girl and her guests to enjoy rounds of their favorite video games 1. Contact the arcade in advance, as many offer birthday packages. If your arcade doesn't, you can simply buy tokens in bulk and dole them out to party guests.

Movie Party

Allow your child to celebrate her birthday with hot popcorn, cold soda and a good movie. Many movie theaters offer party packages specifically for birthday events, and some even have a room that you can rent for post-movie cake and ice cream. Select an appropriate flick, and invite your child's friends to join in a red-carpet birthday celebration.

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