Obstacle Course Games for Teens

Obstacle courses involve a group of several challenge games such as running, jumping or crawling that players must complete. Teenagers may find obstacle courses fascinating and choose to participate in one with friends. Prepare an obstacle course and let teens show their endurance and determination skills to get through the course.

Sleepover Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course with pillows, cushions and a teddy bear. Divide the teens into pairs. Pick one teen from each pair to be the leader and blindfold the other teen. The leader must use only her voice to guide her blindfolded teammate through the obstacle course such as jumping over pillows to retrieve the teddy bear. Once the teddy bear is retrieved, the blindfolded teen must take it back through the obstacle course and give it to her teammate.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in a wide, open space in your backyard 2. Set a timer. Let teens take turns going through the course one by one. First, have the teen run through a set of tires. Then, the teen must crawl through a cardboard box. Next, the teen must throw a ball three times through a hoop hanging on a tree. Lastly, the teen must jump over a huge mud pile. Stop the timer. The teen who is able to run through the entire course the fastest wins the game.

Water Obstacle Course

Have teens get dressed in their swimwear. Prepare water-related obstacles and have teens each take turns going through the course. Time how fast each teen can get through the course. Teens must run through sprinklers, hop through a kiddie pool, run with a water bucket and use water balloons to hit targets like a tree. For a different approach, put inflatable objects in a pool like noodles and beach balls and have teens use them to complete an obstacle. Reward the fastest teen with a small prize.

Superhero Obstacle Course

Have teens dress in popular superhero costumes and encourage them to pretend each part of the course will give them superpowers. Have them jump on trampolines twice to get "sky high" abilities, look through binoculars for "x-ray vision," spray a can of silly spray as a "web shooter" and swing from a rope tied to a tree to capture the villain. See which superhero can get through the fastest. Take pictures for teens to have laughs later.

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