How to calculate your child's height

If you want to know how tall your child is, then you can calculate her height through several creative ways. You can use an online prediction calculator to determine the estimated height of your child based upon the heights of the parents 1. You also can mark the height on a wall and measure the height.

Ask your child to stand against the panelling of a doorway. Make sure the child is standing straight with heels against the doorway panelling. The child's chin should be pointed straight ahead. If your child cannot stand upright, then a partner can hold the child upright against the panelling by holding the child under the arms.

Make a pencil mark on the panelling at the spot where the top of his or head rests against the doorway.

Make a new mark every month -- especially during ages when a child is growing quickly.

Use a yardstick to measure from the bottom of the floor all the way up to the pencil mark to determine the height of your child.

Visit an online, free site for a children's adult height prediction calculator 1.

Indicate whether the child is female or male by clicking on the circle beside each option.

Click the drop-down box by the child's age, and select the age.

Type in the child's height, the child's weight, the mother's height and the father's height.

Click the "Calculate" button to get the estimation of your child's height at a certain age.