How to Determine the Right Jump Rope Size for Kids

Not only does jumping rope get your child’s body moving and heart pumping, it’s an easy-to-learn and inexpensive activity that she can pursue with little assistance. Having a jump rope that is properly sized to your child’s body makes a big difference in whether she can use it without getting hurt, tripping or becoming tangled in the rope. It only takes a couple of minutes to determine the correct rope size for your child and then she will be off jumping to her heart’s content.

By Measurement

Place the rope on the ground and have your child stand on the middle of the rope. Have her pull the handles up to her armpits. If the tips of the handles rest in her armpits or between the armpit and shoulder, the rope fits her size. If the handles go above the shoulders, it is too long and you should get a shorter one. A jump rope that has handles that don’t come up to the armpits is too short.

By Height

You can follow a general jump rope-buying guide if you are getting a rope for a child who is not with you when you make your purchase. According to, a person under 4 feet tall can use a 6-foot long jump rope. A person between 4 feet and 4-foot 9-inches should get a 7-foot rope.

By Number of Jumpers

When you are buying a jump rope that will be used for a group of kids at one time, such as a long jump rope or double Dutch jump rope activity, you will need a longer rope. For one jumper and two people holding the ends, you should have a 12-foot rope. According to, one to two jumpers need a 14-foot rope, two to three jumpers need a 14-foot rope, two to three jumpers should have a 16-foot rope, three to four jumpers need a 20-foot rope, four or more need at least a 24- to 36-foot long rope.

Types of Ropes

Not all types of jump ropes are suitable for daily use by kids. Beaded and cloth jump ropes are popular choices for children because they are easy to use, lightweight and inexpensive. PVC licorice jump ropes are also good for beginners because of their thinner rope design and turning ease. Weighted, leather or speed jump ropes are better choices for adult jumpers.

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