How to Get a Baby on a TV Commercial

Do you dream of seeing your baby in television commercials? Of course, every mom thinks her baby is the cutest baby in the world, but if you think your baby has what it takes to star in commercials, go for it. The money your baby earns can go toward her college education. Getting your baby chosen for a commercial may not be easy, but if you are prepared, you'll be one step ahead in the game.

Determine whether or not your baby is right for television commercials. You may think your baby is the next big star but consider whether casting directors will agree. She needs to be easygoing, happy and have a big personality. Your baby will need to smile easily and be comfortable with strangers. She'll also need to be okay without you by her side all the time.

Find a manager or talent agent to represent her. This professional should have experience with the television industry and should be able to handle the details with casting directors. Select a franchised, licensed agent, advises The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. A genuine agent is regulated by the state and won't ask for fees up front. Agents generally make 10 percent of what your baby earns from each commercial. Find an agent or manager by taking your baby to an agent workshop in your area or by contacting nearby talent agencies.

Have professional photos taken of your child. Your baby is young and her looks will change a lot as she grows, so don't spend a fortune on photos you won't be able to use for long. If you have an agent, talk to her about where the best place in your city is to get photos taken. If you're choosing to work without an agent, search for photographers online and choose one after reading reviews about their work.

Look for open casting calls and auditions for baby actors. Check with local talent and modeling agencies or your baby's agent to find them 2. Take your baby's professional photos along with you to any auditions and make sure your baby is well rested, fed, changed and ready to wow the socks off of the casting director.

Be persistent and don't be disheartened when your baby doesn't get a commercial. Breaking into the acting or modeling industry can take a lot of time, determination and patience. Just keep trying until you find the right job for your baby.


Make this process fun for your baby. Bring along toys and snacks to keep her happy while you're waiting for a casting call. Remain upbeat and keep a positive attitude -- babies can sense when a parent is stressed or nervous.


Don't overschedule your baby. Ensure that she's getting plenty of down time, lots of rest and all of the love and attention she deserves.

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