Bible Relay Games for Older Teens

Several churches cater to older teenagers by having youth group or teen ministries. Group leaders teach the teens about the Holy Bible, help them socialize with fellow teens and often initiate biblical-themed games and activities. If you have a group of teens and want to engage them in their Bible studies, you can prepare a Bible lesson and then have teens compete in Bible relay games.

Bible Verses Relay

Create a list of popular bible verses like John 3:16 and Proverbs 3:6 5. Divide the teens into two equal teams. Tell the teams to line up. Place two bibles on a table several feet away. Explain that on the word "Go," the first player on each team must race to a Bible and find the first verse on the list. He must write down the page number next to the verse on the list, and then run back to tag the next player on his team. The next player must do the same to find the second verse and so on. For assistance, the teens can look at the table of contents for help. The first team to finish the list with the correct page numbers wins the game.

Faith and Trust Relay

A faith and trust relay can help illustrate the importance of a strong faith. Set up a small obstacle course with boxes, pillows, cones and a Bible at the end of the course. Divide teens into pairs. Blindfold a teen in each pair. The blindfolded teen has to make it through the obstacle course guided only by his partner's voice. Have each teen remove his blindfold at the end of the course to reveal the Bible to help the teens understand that God is opening their eyes to follow his word. After each teen completes the course, he must go back to his partner and let his partner have a turn. Continue playing until each pair gets through the course.

Moses Dress Up Relay

After discussing a Bible lesson about great biblical leaders have the teens mimic a biblical leader, like Moses, with a fun relay. Fill two suitcases with Moses dress-up costume items such as gray wigs, fake beards, sandals, robes and staffs. Divide teens into two teams and have them stand at a starting line. Tell the teens that one at a time, a player from each team must run to the suitcases, put on all the Moses dress-up items, then take them back off and run back to tag the next player. The first team to get all its team members through the relay wins the game.

Forbidden Fruit Relay

Have the teens pretend they are the Book of Genesis biblical characters, Adam and Eve trying to capture the forbidden fruit in a fun relay. Tell them to break into two separate teams. One team will be the "Adam" team and the other one will be the "Eve" team. Set out two large containers -- one for each team -- filled with all types of fruits and vegetables. Among the produce include apples -- enough so that each team member can find one apple. Explain that on the word "Go," a player from each team must run to the container, grab an apple and run back to tag the next team member who must then run to the container to retrieve an apple as well. The team whose members find all the apples first wins the relay.

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