How to Make a Haunted Doll

From the heroes in children's literature, such as Little Bear in the Indian in the Cupboard to maniacs with an insatiable lust for blood like Chucky in the Child's Play movies, dolls coming to life dot popular myth and imagination. Although no one has ever proven that dolls can be haunted, there are many people who claim to have seen a particular doll moving or changing its expression, heard footsteps or speech from the doll and had other paranormal contact. Are haunted dolls real 12? Try making one yourself and find out.

Make a doll yourself or find one from your childhood. Haunted dolls often have a personal connection with the owner. Making your own doll—or having a doll that you grew up talking to—can help strengthen that connection.

Talk to your doll. Play with it and interact with it a lot. Envision that it has a personality. Try to listen to what it has to tell you.

Use a Ouija board to contact spirits. Ask if there are any spirits in the room, who they are and what they want. Get to know a spirit. Alternately, you can use a pendulum to contact spirits. Set up a code to interpret the pendulum. For example, swinging back and forth means "yes," left and right means "no," clockwise means "I don't know" and counterclockwise means "ask again later." Ask the spirit questions while holding the pendulum.

If you like the spirit, invite it to live in the doll. If not, try contacting spirits again later until you find one you like.

Take care of your doll. Give it offerings of candy or snacks. Talk to it with the Ouija board and put it by a window with a good view. This will induce the spirit to stay.

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